Never Read The Comments (NaPoWriMo 11/30)

Jacob Moses
1 min readApr 8, 2020


The day SILive
took down their comments section
was the very day
hatred destroyed
our discussions and frankly
I am saddened

Angered by the flagrant flamboyance
of racial slurs and unabashed animus

Enraged by the dismantling
of any hope for mediation
because of the despair of moderation

The three R’s on Staten Island:
Racism, regression, and rowdiness

This is not a village worth burning
for I just don’t need this warmth
reminiscent of books smoldering

Quick math lesson:
If a circle contains 360 degrees
and paper burns at 451 degrees
you would have a comparatively cool
summer day imbued somewhere
in this ring of Hell
no first responder can extinguish

And now here I am
wondering if every boat ride
passes the tributaries of the River Styx

Wishing a lady would come sail away with me
Wishing a man would take time off my hands


Shortsighted knee jerk fascists
who don’t know a damn thing
about losing the freedom
they claim to defend

But here in Staten Island
defending freedom
is defending the white power
between the red and blue
denoting both sides
of a coin celebrating slavery

Our stars are obscured by smog
Our stripes are worn by prisoners

Liberty on this island is code for
“I wanna defend my right to be a fuckboy.”

But here lies the comments section of SILive
Alas, this was the day hatred won



Jacob Moses

Poet, writer, artist, stoner, socialist, humorist, Jew. I think that sums me up.